I waited for the big waves. When they came i just realized my camera isn’t waterproof. 


At that moment when the cloud was surreal, we owned the beach.

Cagbalete Island



Pungtod Island, Bohol

ill be reblogging some photos from my point-and-shoot days to keep this blog alive. i stopped traveling :-( so there aren’t any new photos. I’m now planning to go out very soon. :-)


Makati City

I haven’t posted anything recently in a while. That’s because i stopped travelling as often as a i want to. That’s bad. I think I’m gonna have to make a little change in this blog. Ill be posting be posting random stuffs from now on. I hope you’ll still stay with me.

send me to new places

He is carrying kerosene. 

the ‘welcome’

getting ready for the ride. 


I didn’t notice, it’s already December. 

Big waves were ahead of us. They looked scary. We could hear the water splashing. The boat man didn’t give a shit. 

still water

The rain just stopped. I took my camera out. The water was calm.